2016 Prohecies

1.There would be new major revival of people of God; outstanding things

2. It shall be a wilderness year to plenty of people

3. It will be a time of purging, testing, rearrangement, realignment and restarting

4. A year where true love will yield dividend and hatred will breed tragedy

5. A year of very strange events 6. A year of sudden change and turn around

7. The Almighty will split the red sea for many people

8. A year of boiling disturbance and crashing and failure of welfare facilities to show them that God is the supreme

9. A year of acidic judgement on those who shedding innocent blood

10. It will be a year of harsh economic crunch but the children of God will not experience such

11. A rage of the spirit of betrayer but it shouldn’t border the believers • Try and understand when the time of people is over in your life and let them go

12. A year we need prayers against senseless massacre

13. A year of construction and destruction

14. A year of the destruction blood testing campaign

15. A year we need to pray for the countries we call Super-Power

16. A year of unusual and strange water pattern and warfare

17. A year of strange signs above

18. Keys to catapult people from concern to celebration will be released The voice of celebration will never cease from your mouth in Jesus’ name

19. The year of rage of the spirit of Cain signing war

20. Violently crashing economy

21. We need to pray against earthquakes

22. We need to pray against the tsunami kind of attack that happened many years ago

23. Plenty of prayers are needed to tackle the rage of drinkers of blood and eaters of flesh

24. A year of the rage of cursing serpent

25. The deep hole that swalloweth without remnant will be in various reign this year

26. A year of the snail catching up with the dog

27. A year of the rage of opportunity wasters

28. A year of divine vengeance but God’s people will not be partakers of it

29. A year we need to pray against mysterious crashes and disappearance

30. A year where idolatry will be visited by heavens

31. A year of divine exchanges

32. A year where there will be an overturning and overtaking to favour the children of God

33. A year where stubborn long-time enemies of God’s children will be seriously dealt with

34. Seats that belong to the children of God that has been stolen shall be recovered this year

35. A year where the evil gate of the father’s house of many will be forced open and release those in it – A year that slave drivers will be slaves themselves

36. This year, the labour of the past years for you will be compensated

37. A year anytime *** root of long time***

38. Those powers that do not want you to lift up your head shall be broken to pieces

39. A year many people’s long time battles, pursuits, affliction shall come to a close

40. A year of the rods of God. (This shall be explained fully on January Power Must Change Hands programme)

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